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Penfolds Grange- The History and Legacy


The Legacy of Penfolds Wines: Grange, the most celebrated Australian Wine.

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Brands like Penfolds, with their Grange, Bin Ranges like 407, 707, 128, 389, 28 and the St Henri wines.

Penfolds Grange Hermitage (as it used to be known) is an exceptionally well regarded wine in Australia as well as abroad.
Penfolds Grange is also a heritage listed brand, protected actively by the National Trust of South Australia.

The Penfolds Grange story reflects a vision of triumph and exclusivity that has seen Penfolds Wines grow to internationally acclaimed status.
Penfolds Grange is often linked or compared with the prestigious wine brands of noted Bordeaux region in France.
Max Schubert, the former lead Penfolds Magill Estate winemaker and the creator of the Grange brand, has always believed that in winemaking imagination is a vital ingredient and that winemakers shouldn't be afraid to use their imagination creatively to do some experimenting as well!

Schubert, during his 1950's Bordeaux trip, visited a number of vineyards and estates like Medoc in Bordeaux,stopping off to see and taste Château Lafite Rothschild,Château Latour and Château Margaux.
He got to savour some of the top Bordeaux wines that were at least 40 and 50 years old.
This  rare opportunity propelled Schubert to create a masterpiece of his own, Grange Hermitage, that eventually went on to change the face of Australian wine industry, as Schubert implemeted wine making techniques from France not previously known or used in Australia.

Grange is made predominently from the Shiraz grape variety (also known as Syrah) is frequently blended with a little cabernet sauvignon for good measure and balance.

Unlike the 'Old World' (eg French vineyards of Bordeaux) which use single vineyards or even small plots (called blocks) within vineyards to make their wines, Grange is made from grapes harvested over a wide region.
This means that composition of Grange changes from year to year and is a closely guraded secret!
Therefore it is the expertise of the Penfolds winemakers that is more valued, rather than the qualities of the specific area where the grapes are grown, or the particular vines as in Europe.
This is the 'New world' style of winemaking!

Penfolds Grange also carries a "Bin" designation, referring to its storage location in different Penfolds cellars whilst ageing.

The first ever Grange vintage(1951) was Bin 1, 1952 was Bin 4 and later vintages carried various designations.
However by 1964, the designation was standardised as "Bin 95".


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