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The Rockford Wines from the Barossa Valley in South Australia is a legendary brand.

The 'Wine Searcher' describes the Barossa:
"The Barossa Valley is an extremely important wine-producing region within the Barossa zone of South Australia. A prestigious and internationally renowned region, it is not only home to some of the oldest vineyards and wineries in Australia but produces some of its most recognizable and sought-after brands. The region takes its name from the 'Barossa' ranges and the 'Valley' created by the North Para river, which connects the main towns of Nuriootpa, Tanunda and Lyndoch."

In 1971 founder and winemaker,Robert O'Callaghan, bought some historic stone buildings in the village of Krondorf and created the winery around its courtyard.He has continued to purchase old traditional winemaking equipment in order to carry on the older methods of making wine.

Robert O'Callaghan explains his philosphy in his own words:

"My grandparents on both sides and also my parents were grape growers, so my childhood was spent in their vineyards.
My parents moved to North Eastern Victoria where my Father managed a vineyard for Australia’s then largest family winemakers, Seppelts.
In 1965 I followed a natural path and started as a trainee winemaker at Seppelt’s Rutherglen winery.
It was a wonderful apprenticeship in the old, ordered, slow and gentle Australian wine trade.  
The wines I drank, the winemakers from previous generations with whom I associated and everything I absorbed in that period had a major influence on the way Rockford is today.
Although I’ve spent all my life in vineyards and wineries, the pleasure I derive from walking through rows of vines or casks filled with wine has not diminished."

Some of the more famous Rockford wines

  • Rockford Frugal Farmer 2012
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
  • Rockford Rifle Range Barossa Valley
  • Rockford Rod and Spur Barossa Valley
  • many vintages of SVS Pressings, Basket Press Shiraz, and the SVS Helbig Shiraz

Coming from a family of growers, O´Callaghan reflects a knowledge and understanding about all the aspects involved in growing and making wine.
Crushing 400 to 500 tons on an annual basis, Rockford also relies strongly on trusted and qualified local growers, which provide Rockfiord with additional high quality grapes each harvest.

Some of the popular types of Rockford Wines from the Barossa, SA (South Australia) are:

Rockford Eden Valley Riesling 2001 with a unique lime taste, delicate and crisp..a traditional Riesling variety.

Rockford Barossa Semillon 2001 crafted with care in traditional oak vats, this is a true 'Aussie' varietal, that when younger has a unique taste of lemon and herbs and rewards cellaring.

The Rockford Alicante Bouschet Barossa Valley 2004 with its deep hues and the rich taste of cherry and berry fruits.
The Rockford Moppa Springs 2000 featuring a unique blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvèdre is sweet and quite spicy,with a hint of wood

Rockford Rod and Spur 2001 being a Shiraz blend carries a distinct herbal edge with a peppery character.

Rockford Basket Press Shiraz has material from 30 varying old vineyards within the region, so this blend is rich, spicy and elegant.

Victoria Cellars is lucky to have a few older, sought after vintages of this wine (and others) including the Rockford- SVS Pressings Shiraz 1999,Rockford - SVS Helbig Shiraz 1999 and a Magnum of Rockford - Basket Press 1994.

Leading Australian wine auctioneers Langton’s release their Top 500 List of Australia’s highest wine auction prices and many from Rockford are 'regulars' on this list.

These wines are growing in value every year and still have cellaring  time left- or can be drunk now at your next special dinner party.
Call Victoria Cellars now to snap these wines up! 
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