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Winemaking has come a long way in history to being a huge industry presently that has its connoiseurs across the globe. The Henschke brand started in 1862 as Johann Christian Henschke entered the world of winemaking with his first small vineyard in Keyneton. Henshcke created their legacy through the fabrication of Mount Edelstone and the Hill of Grace in 1950s. Shiraz from Eden Valley is renowned for its enriching taste.
 Henschke Wines is in its fifth family generation and with their focus on maintaining strongly premium single vineyard wines, they source their fruit from the top growers. This brand has reached a new height of success with the undying efforts and management of Stephen and Prue, the present generation of the Henschke family that has taken up the reigns.

"The Age/Sydney Morning Herald Good Wine Guide" awards marked this brand as the 2011 Winery of the Year.
Eden Valley is one of the important vineyards, producing the varieties like gewürztraminer, cabernet franc, merlot, viognier, semillon, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, Riesling, and lastly the famed shiraz. The fresh varieties from this region include barbera, tempranillo, nebbiolo and graciano. The exclusive Eden Valley Vineyard is located in the relatively cool spheres of Mount Lofty Ranges, in the Barossa Range to the east of the Barossa Valley. Featuring a range of loamy gravel soil, duplex soils and bedrock, this region gets a annual rainfal of 700mm.

The picturesque Mount Edelstone draws its name from the German term Edelstein which means a gemstone. This vineyard featuring 16ha is located in the Eden Valley region and is known for its Shiraz strains. The vines are planted on their roots and are grown dry, giving an average yield of 2.5 t/acre. Planted on a relatively wider spacing of 3.7m between the rows and the vines, the trellis comprise of 50 - 60 buds,each. This vineyard is completely underlain by laminated siltstones from the Tapley Hill. This makes the soils fine, sandy and loamy with deep gravel base and red clay patterns. The metamorphosed antiquarian schists  bedding below the red clay layer are sediments rich in minerals that add to the rich taste of the Shiraz brand.
 Hill of Grace, famed for its exquisite range of red wines of the same name, is nestled at the Parrot Hill which is a secluded family property which once was a lively village. This 8ha vineyard, originally sits in a 32ha land chunk at 400 m altitude. Each new generation contributing to the evolution of the Henschke Wine, has preserved the tradition of producing something new and innovative. Currently, the vineyard is functional through incorporation of the biodynamic practices as well as the organic practices. These dry grown strains are planted widely with 3.1m * 3.4m gaps. Shiraz, Semillon, Mataro and Riesling are the popular varieties. The soil type is mostly alluvial with a hint of sand and loam on clay bedding.

The Lenswood Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills sphere features sites filled with refreshing apple,pear and cherry trees. This vineyard is located to almost 15km to northeast of the Mount Lofty. Nestled amid beautiful natural forested areas this region gets an annual rainfall of apparently 1134mm. This region is known for its excellent flavours in Cabernet Sauvignon, including the refreshing Chardonnay, Riesling and Merlot featuring a rich spicy hint to it. Few other varieties from this region are Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc. This vineyard features a sandy loam bedding, well drained over the medium level clay interspersed and having fragments of shale lying over shale bedrock.

Henschke is all about giving yourself a relaxing and refreshing treat and treating your loved ones the flavours of the nature.

Henschke wines